Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine represents an approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause(s) of a medical condition-illness.


It is characterized by a shift from treating only the symptoms of disease, to taking the whole body under consideration and thus treating and/or preventing chronic diseases.

Does Functional Medicine really work?

Emphatically Yes! Functional Medicine uses scientific evidence-based low-risk therapeutic interventions to address chronic medical conditions, by modifying molecular and biochemical systems of the organism.


This approach brings remarkable results to patients suffering from chronic diseases that in most cases have been treated unsuccessfully in the past.

When will I notice an improvement of my health?

Chronic diseases develop and manifest over considerable periods of time. We totally understand the patient’s need to feel better as soon as possible. A specific timeframe about when a patient will start to feel better cannot be provided due to the multi-complexity of factors contributing to the disease.


Nevertheless, the proposed therapeutic process will aim towards the real causes of the disease to ensure the remission of the disease and the gradual amelioration of the symptoms.

What will the first appointment entail?

Your first appointment can last from 30-45 minutes. During that time a Functional Medicine Specialist will take a full medical history and answer to any questions you might have concerning your current health status.


Subsequently, the Specialist will propose the necessary laboratory tests that aim to identify the real causes of the disease.

Will I be able to meet the Doctor in person?

Our headquarters are in London, UK but our medical offices are located in other countries of Southern Europe.


Your medical appointment can be scheduled through our platform for distance-medical services. You can find our telemedicine platform here: https://functionalmedicalsystem.com/


If the telemedicine platform is not of your choice, you can schedule your medical appointment by telephone.

Can Functional Medicine treat more than one diseases at the same time?

The approach of Functional Medicine aims at the root cause(s) of disease. In that manner, it can help people suffering from more than one diseases at the same time.

What should I do before my first online appointment?

Our secretary will send you a thorough medical history form to fill in, which should be sent back at least 1 day before your appointment.


If there are any relevant laboratory tests available, please make sure that you include them too in your e-mail.

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