Functional Med System was founded by Dr. Nikoleta Koini M.D., with the desire to set a paradigm shift in traditional medical care in Greece and Europe. The existing medical services and care are characterized by a complete lack of personalized approach, thus regarding all patients suffering from an illness the same. This approach has been rendered obsolete and has been replaced by a carefully planned and personalized one.


Functional Medicine brought a breakthrough in modern medical practice as it employs a systems-biology approach to identify the real cause(s) of diseases and then addresses it. New knowledge from the scientific fields of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Epigenetics is incorporated into daily medical practice and allows a thorough, precise and in-depth analysis of causes leading to disease. To this end, Functional Medicine employs novel Biochemical and Molecular Diagnostic Tests, that few years ago were available only an Academic level.


Our body is an open system. Oxygen, water and food serve as inputs while carbon dioxide and waste as outputs. Every open system is prone to possible deviances from the optimal status that can lead to a more generalized deregulation. The same goes for our body. Biochemical imbalances that are left untreated, will sooner or later manifest through the form of a disease. Our approach aims to identify all those imbalances at a biochemical and/or cellular level and of course restore them so that every biochemical pathway and to a greater extent all cellular mechanisms operate at an optimal level.


Our Mission is to

  • Serve a system that constantly leads to higher levels of health and well-being
  • Not only improve people’s everyday life, but also promote life itself, as experienced by each one of us individually.