Patients Testimonials

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I am very happy with the results of the treatment. For years I had strange and painful symptoms which disappeared. Of course, my psychology has also improved. Excellent service, impeccable behavior of the medical staff.
Ioanna P. (May 2021)

Since I started in December, I have noticed that my joint pains have been greatly reduced, I sleep better and more hours at night. I have a lot of energy and especially in the last month my heart rate has decreased. Concentration and memory improved in the last month and I also had a small weight loss (3 kg).
Panagiota P. (May 2021)

Gyroid Alopecia
I am very happy so far. Firstly, my psychology is definitely better. Also, I already see positive points regarding my treatment. Finally, I have reservations about the future but I hope to see much more soon.
Iliana M. (May 2021)
Significant improvement in sleep (6-7 hours) and in sleep quality (deep sleep). There are days that I do not have hot flashes at all and if I do, it happens once and is very mild. The night sweats have stopped.
Niki S. (April 2021)
In the summer of 2015 I developed the disease pemphigus, I suffered and my only salvation was to take large doses of cortisone and other immunosuppressants. I visited some doctors and experienced (professors) and their only suggestion was to increase cortisone in each outbreak of the disease. In the summer of 2018 I chose to visit Ms. Koini, who suggested a treatment with vitamins and supplements for the proper functioning of the body and told me that I would be fine. I did not believe her but I applied literally every treatment and every piece of her advice and since Christmas 2020 I have completely stopped cortisone and every chemical medicine and the disease has stopped appearing, I AM WELL! Ms. Koini, from what I understand, tried a lot, was interested and looked into it to bring this result. Thank you very much!
Antonios S. (April 2021)

Instability - Dizziness
After many months of treatment, with cost, irritation from the treatment process, the result justifies all the effort. The information from the staff and from the doctor Mr. Moschonissiotis who achieved the desired, my total return to normalcy. The instability - dizziness that plagued me for years was eliminated resulting in productivity in my work and in my family and in the demands of my newborn daughter. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a problem to be informed before proceeding with the easy solution of Pharmacochemistry. Thanks.
KS (April 2021)

Weight loss
The first image I had was not positive. In the 2nd month and with personal discipline, the first encouraging results began. Targeting my specific problems has helped with other problems I did not know I had. The staff was available and efficient at all times.
Kalliopi R. (April 2021)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I had low energy, fatigue, lack of mood. Now I feel much more energized, happier and very optimistic. I am generally very happy with the results of the treatment I was given.
Vasiliki P. (April 2021)
At the beginning of the treatment I had a big problem in my health, Hashimoto, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, problem sleeping, fatigue and great inflammation. My life had become a ``I can not, I'm in pain, I'm tired.`` With diet and supplements that were missing from my body, after 6 months of treatment I can say that I am almost myself again, I am not in pain, the intestine is almost fine (it still needs work) the thyroid is at normal levels, I sleep a lot better, I feel like doing a lot of things, exercising, the inflammation no longer exists.
Rosanna P. (March 2021)
After 3 years of control and treatment with the Medical team of Iator, I have absolute confidence in the work and expertise they provide and I thank them for improving the physical and mental health of me and my family.
George S. (March 2021)
I came to the clinic in September with kidney problems and histiocytosis, as well as with extra pounds. To date, in addition to the treatment I receive, I have lost weight and generally feel better. Also, all the staff of the clinic is very kind, trained and of course humane. I’m expecting the results of the treatment I follow.
Aristidis G. (December 2020)
The treatment brought a noticeable improvement of the dermatological condition after about 10 months. I no longer have itching on my scalp (I no longer need to wash my hair every other day in the best case). The itching and swelling of the joints in the hands and feet (toes, palms, feet) no longer exist. These irritations also raised fevers up to 38 ° C. The plaques on the knees and elbows are gone. Now there are only redness on the upper lip and a few mild redness on the forehead. I thank doctor Koini and her associates in Iator.
Vassilis R. (January 2021)
Good experience. The pains in my joints and my skin have been greatly reduced. I sleep better. I feel my energy levels higher.
Ioannis G. (January 2021)
From the first moment, I felt very comfortable with the politeness and the kind treatment I had from everyone. Mr. Tigkas in particular is very informative and I gained high hopes. After one month, I was happy to find out how right he was. The insomnia subsided from the first days of treatment, my energy came back to me and I started to feel younger again.
Virginia K. (March 2021)
Hashimoto's thyroiditis
My experience comes from a two-month collaboration and it is too early for a thorough point of view. At the moment it is positive. I would like to note that communication and service are excellent.
Ekaterini Z. (December 2020)
Therapeutic Nutrition
My experience so far is very positive. In terms of my diet, it has helped me put on some weight in the right way and feel healthier and stronger.
Maria P. (November 2020)
Hashimoto's thyroiditis
I have seen improvement:
1) In Hashimoto's autoimmune levels. Thousands of my thyroid antibodies have dropped very low to almost normal.
2) My energy and libido levels have gone up amazingly. I feel even better than a 25 year old person!
Chrysi T. (November 2020)
My experience was very good and I feel amazing after the treatment.
Stefanos V. (October 2020)
I highly recommend Mrs. Koini and the Iator Medical Organization. I started my acne treatment, due to hormonal causes 8 months ago, with spectacular results and a complete solution to the problem. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.
Nina Th. (October 2020)
Weight loss
My nutritionist Mrs. Ifigenia Grivea is excellent. She trains me on a balanced diet with a calmer approach that has given great results - especially at a time when a few months ago the number on my scale was not changing whatever I was trying. I am grateful to her from the bottom of my heart and I know that this is a relationship that I will keep for a long time as achieving the ideal weight and maintaining it is not a race of speed, but a way of life.
Nagia V. (October 2021)
Hashimoto's thyroiditis
Today I feel very confident about myself and I face my life with joy and this is a result of my treatment. More specifically, I think that both my libido and mood levels out of 10, they are a 10 plus. My hair is twice the amount it used to be, my nails no longer peel, my joints do not hurt, my headaches are gone. I face every problem, both in my workplace and in my personal life from the positive side and I either solve it or overcome it. I see my life very positively.

Stavroula A. (October 2020)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
This treatment helped me a lot. I gradually began to feel more energy and endurance. The difference was also significant in the change of mood. Finally, it helped a lot in body care and muscle recovery during intense training.
Angeliki N. (October 2020)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Fortunately I found you and I managed to become much better than before. Everything is perfect as far as the medical organization is concerned. The treatment you gave me was easy and very effective. Thank you for everything.
Dragana A. (October 2020)
Systemic lupus erythematosus
I feel stronger, more alive and that I ``step`` better on my feet. My migraines have been minimized. Better mood. my anxiety and tachycardia remain.
Evi P. (October 2020)
Rosacea Disease
I am at the beginning of the treatment. Stomach issues have improved. Headaches and migraines have been reduced. Rosacea remains active, skin dryness and mood generally improved a bit.
Constantina G .. (September 2020)
Very positive experience. I found the program easy to implement and complete, feasible even for people who spend many hours in the office like me. All you need is a proper organization and it is also important that you do not feel hungry.
Maria M. (September 2020)
Very good cooperation. Great help in improving nutrition. Professional approach.
Nikos N. (September 2020)
After receiving the treatment, I saw an improvement especially in the part of physical and mental strength as well as well-being. Less fatigue, better bowel function as well as nervous system function. Weight loss and better concentration.
Fanourios S. (February 2020)
Chronic fatigue syndrome
I started returning to my normal levels before these symptoms I started feeling appeared.
Konstantinos A. (February 2020)
The energy, strength, appetite I have has increased.
My period has improved so far (pain, duration).
A little bloating (abdominal) remains, probably due to diet (not so balanced yet)
Olga G. (February 2020)
Improved mood and positivity, restful and continuous sleep. Greater confidence. Disappearance of headaches and stress. Improvement in allergic rhinitis as well. Panting while walking has stopped. Hair loss is minimized. Loss of 10-11 kg. More points lost in legs, arms and waist. I’m feeling grateful.
Litsa Z. (February 2020)
Hashimoto / Psoriasis / Gyroid Alopecia
First visit with Hashimoto's treatment, with very extensive psoriasis and gyroid alopecia also very extensive. Three years after Hashimoto has been balanced, psoriasis does not exist and has not bothered me over the years. Gyroid alopecia has stopped. Hair has come out again, there are still gaps but light and weak hair growth. I have removed the hair piece this time. My hair needs strengthening. Outside, I generally feel swimmingly in all respects.
Maria P. (February 2020)
Organization - positive environment - Service - Effective treatment - Approach to the patient's problem
Fotini L. (February 2020)
When I came to Iator, I had a severe mood and stress problem that improved in the last month. The sense of fatigue and energy levels are also improved. The issue of sinus is making a comeback but at least I have not been sick this winter so far.
Vassilis P. (February 2020)
The nutritionist Grivea IFigenia is wonderful, very sweet, it is as if she is a person I know very well. We can discuss everything and she is a very good professional. I highly recommend her. She helped me lose weight with diet. Her advice is very practical.
Elizabeth S. (March 2020)
Weight loss
All is well so far. The treatment and guidance of the doctors and the staff of Iator helped me a lot in weight loss, toning of the body and general well-being.
Fanis S. (March 2020)
First of all, patients, I would like to thank Dr. Koini and her team for caring for their patients in a very friendly environment. I have been suffering from Parkinson's disease for twenty years. For the first time in these twenty years, the tremor subsided dramatically. The pains in my body are gone, my vision has improved and I have regained my strength following the instructions of Dr. Koini for six months. At first I was very cautious but now I trust her.
Marietta M. (May 2020)
Following the advice and guidance of the medical unit of Iator, there was an improvement in my physical condition as well as weight loss. There was also an improvement in my endurance as well as in the ability to concentrate and my memory. Sleep also improved.
Fanourios S. (May 2020)
Acne Treatment
I started my treatment last January with a special diet and vitamins and I can say that so far I am very happy. The medical and specialized staff observes the changes in my body every month and thus shapes the program. All this in combination with the tests that are recommended to me helps me feel that I am walking with steady steps towards my complete hormonal recovery.
Sofia K. (May 2020)
Sleep improvement / better hair quality and less apoptosis / improved nails / improved skin dryness / improved morning mood / improved libido / lack and improvement of tachycardia / reduced intestinal gas.
Stavroula A. (May 2020)
Lichen (Autoimmune Disease)
After almost three years of really torturing lichen follicle, things finally look promising. Dr. Koini and her very capable associates helped me put an end to the torment with proper medication and monitoring. I consider that at the moment I am stabilized without symptoms and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.
Theodoros L. (June 2020)
They disappeared: Nausea, headaches, adrenal ultrasound lesion of adrenal glands, AntTG antibodies Smoking reduction
They remain:
Cold sweaty feet, low - moderate concentration, antidepressant intake, high cortisol levels, TPO cramps, hard nails
Vitamin D levels remain low.
Anastasia L. (June 2020)
Sjogren's syndrome
In the 4 months that I follow the treatment (nutrition, supplements, biomimetic hormones) the pains in the extremities and in the lower jaw have subsided. I sleep better compared to before and my mood has improved and is stable, without dramatic transitions.
Overall I feel very calm.
Much better bowel function and clearly more hydrated skin. There is also some gradual improvement in memory, concentration and libido.
Kiriaki D. (July 2020)
So far the results look better in terms of quality of life than before I came to Iator.
Thanos Z. (July 2020)
Chronic fatigue syndrome
So far the treatment has helped me a lot! After 3 months especially, I feel that I have more energy, while the symptoms of fatigue have been greatly reduced.
Angeliki N.
To help myself and my health I found the IATOR Medical Unit and to this day I am very happy and my health is better, I feel better and I am moving forward. We must take care and of course with medical help we will always be better.
Evangelia T. (July 2020)
After 8 months of treatment I can say that I am much better in terms of mood and endurance which were non-existent. I am still waiting for the result for the hair. I am happy with the whole team.
Elizabeth S. (July 2020)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
The treatment has helped me a lot. I feel much better than before and I do not have any of the problems I had. Regular inspection.
Christina S. (July 2020)
Coming to Iator for precautionary reasons and wishing to improve my overall health, I now feel much better and I thank you all very much !!!
Alexandra A. (July 2020)
Hormonal disorders
The success of the treatment for me is that while I am in menopause, I am calm, I have a lot of energy, I have clarity, my hot flashes have disappeared,I feel that my body is healthy and I am emotionally and mentally calmer.
Christina Ch. (July 2020)
At the moment everything has gone as I imagined and they have helped me get back to several issues that bothered me. Nutrition had been something I wanted to improve and I had done very well !!!
Konstantinos A. (July 2020)
Autoimmune Hepatitis
Significant improvement in the values of hepatic enzymes.
N. Crohn
Greater tolerance to foods that include fibers. Absence of watery stools. Greater variety in my nutrition.
Panagiotis G. (August 2020)
Hashimoto's thyroiditis
In a total of almost one year since I started the diet, I have lost 20 kilos. I generally feel 15 years younger both internally and externally. My strength is at its maximum levels and I have absolute spiritual clarity. In total, 90% of the problems that plagued me have been resolved (weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, poor sleep quality, asthma, allergies, muscle aches, feeling very tired). The problem of urinary tract infections remains.
Theodora N. (August 2020)
My cycle has improved and I have lost several pounds. Although I do not follow the exact diet, I have seen significant results. Also, I do not get injured so often during exercise.
Eleni T. (August 2020)
Hashimoto / Alopecia
I have seen considerable improvement in my health. I lost weight, my mood is better, I do chores without a problem and without getting too tired. My sleep is very good.
Evangelia T. (September 2020)
I improved my energy, my osteoarthritis problems, my blood sugar, my weight and my health indicators in general.
Panagiotis M. (September 2020)
After a year and a half of treatment I report the following:
I wake up early and calm
As far as stress is concerned, I deal with stressful situations more calmly and in many cases I do not care (There were only 3 cases of stress that lasted for an hour)
Less tense feelings, better self-control
Steadily upward erotic mood with small ups and downs (laziness)
Good levels of fitness and endurance
no psychological changes
no numbness
No tachycardia
Stathis K. (September 2020)
Migraines - Musculoskeletal problems - Menopause
After two and a half years of treatment I have minimal musculoskeletal problems. I do not feel tired, I sleep normally. I do not suffer from migraines as often. The anxiety pressure I had has improved.
M. K. (September 2020)
My decision to start this treatment was made after a research I have personally done to understand firstly where the problem starts and to fight it from the root and then from various examples I have read over the years about this method for autoimmune and metabolic diseases that affect more and more of us today. Iator and Dr. Koini put me in a position to understand thoroughly how we can regulate our body through this method !! I have gone to several doctors without any results ...My experience: In the beginning I was a little cautious not knowing (in practice) how all this will develop and how long it takes to give me the desired results, but over time I saw month by month my improvement !! That was something that made me start to really believe in this method that I have decided to follow. It is the combination of Proper Nutrition - Nutrition Supplements - Exercise !! I'm glad I trusted the Iator Clinic which really helped me get out of this situation. I feel lucky to have done these analyzes to see what really concerns me at the cellular level. I have not finished my treatment yet but from the 0% that I was before when I started the treatment, now I feel that I am at 80%.
Thank you!!
Ioannis P. (September 2020)
Chronic fatigue
My course is generally very positive, I have better energy, endurance, clarity, however there are still fluctuations. At the same time there is an improvement in body weight and fat due to diet.
Andriani P. (February 2020)
I came feeling like a rag, and after ten months of treatment I feel like a different person. Dr. Koini is the most super Doctor I have ever met. A WONDERFUL PERSON!!! and a very good scientist and to all the staff, you are all PERFECT !!! I love you all, I trust you, keep it up ...
Stella K. (January 2020)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Improvement of sleep quality - deep sleep
Increase in strength - endurance
Reduction of fatigue
Reduction of nervousness - outbursts of anger
Stamatios K. (January 2020)
Weight loss and hormonal disorders
My experience in dealing with my needs, the care and support of the staff of the Medical Unit is very positive. Regarding the benefits of the treatment I follow, I want to note the following: better body balance, greater endurance, less irritability, better cognitive functions, fewer hot flashes, fewer headaches, better appetite control, better sleep quality, improved libido.
Diamanto F. (January 2020)
Multiple Sclerosis
The benefits so far: increased energy, doing things I could not do before, increased strength, generally a slow and gradual improvement at all levels. I am very happy with the results in general and with the way everyone deals with it.
Mirella N. (January 2020)
After two months of treatment I see a clear improvement of the disease without this meaning a complete cure.
Fotini L. (January 2020)
I have seen a great improvement in my daily life. I have nothing negative to say.
Nikolaos P. (January 2020)
Although I’m only in the beginning of my treatment for hypothyroidism, I found immediate positive results such as reduced swelling, reduced hair loss, minimized fracture of my nails, increased well-being, better sleep and increased concentration and memory, as well as reduction of headaches. I also feel more energized.
Stavroula A. (December 2019)
Within six months of receiving the treatment, both my physical and mental mood improved significantly. The feeling of fatigue and bad psychology was also reduced. I hope that in the coming months the result will be maintained because the truth is that the cost of both examinations and treatment is quite high.
Irini K. (December 2019)
More energy
Less tremor
Comfort when moving
Mariella M. (December 2019)
Significant improvement in clinical examinations (hematological)
Gradual improvement in my daily life
Hope for greater future improvement
Alexandros K. (December 2019)
Completely satisfied with the approach and the way it works, I appreciate the fact that when something does not work with my treatment, alternatives are suggested. And so I gradually move towards the goal of weight loss.
Maria M. (December 2019)
My health problems led me to the Iator medical unit hoping to solve many of them. Indeed, after 6 months of treatment I managed to strengthen my immune system, my mood, my muscular strength, the good management of stress, to improve my nervousness and all these are results of the treatment given to me by Dr. Koini. Many thanks to all of Dr. Koini's colleagues who worked with me, and I hope other people, like me, find relief in their health.
Maria-Aristea Z. (September 2019)
The service at the Medical Unit is excellent. The courtesy and discretion that prevail in the facility are important qualities that help me feel calm and trust. The benefits of treatment are many and varied. At first, I feel like I found the strength I had lost and the test for life, work and fun. At the same time, my psychology improved and my anxiety decreased. I should also add that my daughter quickly and painlessly overcame a major gynecological problem, with the appropriate and targeted treatment.
Evdokia K. (September 2019)
Hypothyroidism / Depression / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I am very happy with the work of Dr. Koini and the nutritionist. After almost six months I have seen a huge difference in my vitality, in my sleep, in my work and in my daily life in general. In addition, following the nutrition plan, which is appropriate for my case and in combination with the supplements, given to me by Dr. Koini, I have lost 11 kg in a period of 6.5 months.
Aspasia D. (October 2019)
Hashimoto Thyroiditis
I started in April 2019 and right now it is mid-November and I honestly feel like a new person, I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, I feel very well, I have adjusted everything, the doctor's diet is excellent, in six months I have lost 8 kilos , visceral and total fat .. Congratulations to the whole UNIT, all of them are excellent and above all HUMANS.
Stella K. (November 2019)
Very professional treatment, especially in the matter of keeping the appointment (no setups etc). The treatment so far has been particularly effective to the point where I wonder if it is my idea or reality. Everything I asked for, ie sleep, calm, energy, mood improved very quickly. I look forward to seeing how it’ll be in the future.
Panagiotis G. (November 2019)
Multiple Sclerosis
I am happy with the treatment so far. There is a gradual improvement, albeit slow, not spectacular, but I think it should be so. The cooperation with the doctors-nutritionists is perfect and I have only good words to say. I am optimistic for a good result. You have a very good organization!
Mirela M. (November 2019)
Myasthenia Gravis
So far, in just a few months, I have seen a small but steady improvement in my health. My improvement, although small, concerns both the improvement of strength and the improvement of my endurance and physical condition. I can say that I am happy with my experience in the Medical Unit and with the support I have from Dr. Koini, as well as from the assistants and nutritionists.
George P. (December 2019)
Thyroiditis - Menopause
From the first days of the first month of treatment, the gas and bloating after meals (main and snack) and especially after dinner were greatly reduced. I have already lost 4 kilos of weight without having any feeling of hunger, as I had with various diets that I did from time to time. Swelling in lymph nodes and other areas, as well as muscle and joint pain, was significantly reduced. I do not swell and do not retain fluids from the heat, nor do I feel my feet heavy. I feel more energetic and cheerful, and this feeling of well-being continues after the main meals, while in the past it used to decrease sharply.
Theodora N. (September 2019)
Hashimoto's thyroiditis
I am in the 2nd month of treatment, but I estimate that I am already getting great benefits in my body. This is something I started seeing from the first days of treatment. This makes me feel more optimistic and I can follow this path even more easily. My experience from the field is excellent. The way of dealing, respecting, explaining in any matter is always subtle and makes you feel comfortable. I think I could only say ``Thank you``.
Eleni T. (August 2019)
Sjogren / Stress Syndrome / Arthralgias
From the day I started the treatment (a month ago) until today I have a noticeable improvement in my symptoms. I am very happy and optimistic that I will be well. I have been greatly helped by your treatment, but also by your very positive support.
Eleni K. (August 2019)
Medical Clinic with targeted specialization, special examinations with complete analysis which analysis helps in the treatment of the disease, as well as in the prevention of various other diseases.
Dr. Koini serves the field of Medicine for the benefit of health and as it really should be. Ms. Megariti's work is more than useful and she does it wisely. Dr. Koini's associates as well as the call center of the clinic have an immediate response to anything I ask or want to discuss. All polite and cooperative.
Beyond that, regarding the first month of treatment in combination with the diet that I follow, I can point out the following:
Improved self-concentration, more calm, less tension, feeling relaxed, increased positive thinking, less stress, normal sleep without unnecessary thoughts, no tachycardia at the moment, better self-control, positive electricity in the head and body sometimes, loss of sensation of fatigue independent of the fatigue and pressure at work. In simpler words I have gained a lot of good psychology as well as I have to point out that there are no sudden mental transitions as happened in the past. What remains consistently low with very small steps of improvement is the erotic mood despite all the above changes. Of course it is too early to draw conclusions, but we are on a very good path and I hope that all this continues.
Stathis K. (June 2019)
Nutrition - Rosacea
I would like to thank you for my experience in your Clinic, through the treatment of my problem, Rosacea. In particular, I would like to point out the benefits of a proper and balanced diet in both physical and mental health and well-being, through the monthly programs of information and monitoring of healthy nutrition and exercise. I warmly thank Dr. Koini for her knowledge and advice as well as all the staff in all stages of treatment until the final treatment and cure of the Disease
Christos K. (July 2019)
Myasthenia gravis
Immediate response, either by phone or by mail, pleasant environment and willingness to help me in the unit from the first moment. As for the treatment, I am still in a very early stage. There is improvement, of course, although early, but I would like more time to be spent to make my improvement more general, as the severity of my case is great. In general so far, however, I’m satisfied! The only negative I could think of is the cost, which includes both the treatment and the supplements! It could be a bit lower in terms of treatment, as I like others with related Diseases have difficulty working!
George P. (July 2019)
From the first month the results were very good. The Nutrition program had very good results. I lost fluids and fat. Also my mood improved, I do not feel the morning fatigue, and the symptoms of menopause have subsided
Ourania K. (July 2019)
I located this Medical Unit from the Internet after a long search to solve some problems I was facing. The health problems I had affected my daily life and my work. The feeling in the center was very friendly and the service fantastic. Already after 2 months of treatment I was able to see significant results both in the gastrointestinal system, which was the most serious problem, and in terms of energy and concentration. I also saw a big improvement in memory, itching and headaches. Thank you for your help and cooperation. In the next period I expect to return to regularity.
George. K. (July 2019)
Systemic lupus erythematosus
With the treatment after the first week I started to feel less tired, more appetite for activities outside the house (walking). I noticed that the severe headaches subsided, while I had them every 2 days, now in a period of 1 month I noticed only 2! The skin rash (red cheeks and nose) due to the lupus subsided a bit and is covered with cosmetics, so I feel more comfortable. Certainly my night sleep is better, without cramps and discomfort (eg heartburn) and I do not feel sleepy like the previous days.
Chara K. (July 2019)
Arterial hypertension
The benefits of Therapy were and are many in all areas of my Health! After many years with cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid all were eliminated! Elevated pressure, 16 to 10 disappeared! My period of 1 day came in normal form and flow. My mood and libido went up! Many thanks to Dr. Koini and the wonderful and very kind staff! They were always at my disposal and present in any question. My weight, my health, my life were optimized! That is why I recommend it to everyone and I have brought other members of my family !!!
Friday Th. (June 2019)
Molecular Nutrition
After 6 months of trying to change my eating routine, I lost about 20 kilos without much effort with the treatment of Iator and I already feel much better in all areas, thanks to the serious and methodical treatment by the medical staff and the nutritionist of the center.
K K. (April 2019)
Molecular Nutrition
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Indeed, after I managed to cooperate, since in the beginning I was negative, my life CHANGED. I lost the pounds, the fat and I found myself, my confidence, finally the new life. The problem is in my mind, that with my full support, Mrs. Megariti Georgia changed her mind.
Smaragdi K. (January 2019)
Molecular Nutrition
I was very satisfied with the services of Mrs. Megariti, who guided me simply and effectively in adopting not a diet, but a diet-lifestyle. The transition to practice was done automatically by me without resentment and whining, unlike other nutritionists who force you to do something, whether it does you good or not. To be continued ... Thank you very much!
Anastasia M. (March 2019)
Thyroiditis Hashimoto
Thyroid adjustment. Weight loss without diet. Fatigue reduction. Increased sexual desire. Reduction of bulimia. Sleep improvement. Energy increase. Reduction of mood swings. A miracle has happened to me. One thousand thanks to Ms. Koini and all the secretarial staff for all the support.

Vasiliki K. (February 2019)

Always Tired - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I was really impressed with the existence of the medical unit in a field that I thought was in America. I had been desperate to search for solutions individually over the internet without medical supervision and knowledge. The medical unit uses treatment protocols I found on medical pages in America with accuracy and scientific training. Since my illness can last up to 10 years, it has a suicide rate of 7%. I managed in six months to stand on my feet. That alone speaks volumes.

Labros M.P. (February 2019)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
My experience in your Clinic has been decisive in the development of my torturous and chronic illness. After several years of wandering in Clinics of ``Conventional Medicine``, harmful to my health, I met in your Clinic a completely different treatment of complex problems. Dr. N. Koini, in collaboration with the highly specialized, cooperating scientific staff, introduces from research and treatment centers of advanced countries, the most modern methods of treating multiple diseases, focusing on the cause. In my case - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - the coupling of the subjects of Molecular Biology and modern Medicine was the reason for achieving a very good result. Serious metabolic side effects of the syndrome (high cholesterol, sugar, etc.) were completely eliminated without the use of drugs. There is a clear improvement in the problem of brain function. I will continue to fight under your guidance. Many thanks to the secretarial staff for their smile and kindness.
Andreas.M. (February 2019)

Hot flashes and headaches stopped.
Restoration of menstruation. Increase energy and libido. Very good sleep, no tachycardias or pains in general.

Theodora Z. (January 2019)

Breakthrough change.
Hot flashes ceased and headaches decreased. Sleep Improvement, Libido (Reverted)

Eleni S. (January 2019)

Rheumatoid arthritis
I can not really describe what I have gained because it is not characterized by words. I found myself, free movement, lost mood & smile. I experienced step by step improvement and I can say that I am cured. I am completely happy with the doctor & all the members of the staff and I feel right about my choice over conventional medicine.

K.K (February 2018)

Improvement of fatigue, Improvement of sugar levels (glucose), Improvement of itching.

Dimosthenis P. (December 2018)

For the main reason that I came here, I had a fever attack, but to a lesser extent and without swelling in the leg. I generally do not have the pronounced effects of immune weakness
Ioannis S. (December 2018)
Molecular nutrition

Until now I had struggled too much to lose weight. I was visiting one dietician after the other, as well as many Weight loss Institutes. I had tried everything, with no result. Until someone told me to visit Ms Koini, and I went to her medical practice. She managed my condition differently through the Functional Medicine System, and she achieved what I was trying to achieve for years. Excellent attitude, both as a Scientist and as a person.

Andreas K. (November 2018)

I'd like to express our appreciation by sharing a few words with you. Firstly, you have put together a most impressive team of kindhearted, polite, caring and considerate individuals that we have ever come across in the medical field. Needless to say my family was at ease and thoroughly impressed with the care that was given by everyone present. Secondly, I'm encouraged by the support compliment that is available to us in your organization. Each of us have specific mile stones to meet on our journey to great health, we are exited to get started on that journey with an exceptional team of professionals of your caliber.

The D. family (November 2018)

My migraines were totally cured by Dr. Koini and I am very happy for this. I totally recommend her.

Foster S. (November 2018)

Αrterial pressure
Blood pressure was a chronic problem for me, and I wanted to try something different from traditional Antihypertensives that were prescribing to me. I wasn't happy neither with the result nor with the side effects.

So, I visited Dr. Koini at her practice, and through the Functional Medicine system my condition was managed differently. And I would definitely recommend it, as it was not only different, but also substantial.

Katerina N. (November 2018)

Molecular Nutrition

Last May, I came for the first time, for weight loss. I am menopausal with all the possible consequences of this event in my body. The vitamin treatment I was given after the tests I did helped me a lot to deal with all the symptoms, and especially that of menopause. I am also very happy with the behavior of Dr. Koini, and of course with the nutritionist Mrs. Megariti, who is always willing to help me, whenever I have something to say about my diet.

Α.Κ. (November 2018)

Dr. Koini is super!

She is detail oriented and very specific explaining everything and answering all questions without hesitation or rushing her patients. She helped me with my migraines from which I have suffered a lot. I used to take 2 anti-inflammatory pills per day and now I am happy to stop all of these.

I am thankful to her.

Fay S. (November 2018)

Nice reception area, and very polite administrative staff.

Dr Tigkas explains in detail the causes that led to the development of your problem, as well as the course of your treatment. You may have to stay even for one hour in his office so that to explain his Scientific knowledge and make sure that you understand exactly what you have to do in order to be cured. Ms Koini is always there happy to welcome you, she is accurate on which treatment to suggest, and gives always the right advice!

They are both wonderful people, really focusing on your problem and always full of optimism. It is also remarkable that they believe in natural treatment methods and never prescribe chemical formulations. And, above all, I managed to overcome the symptoms of the climacteric and Menopause, and I feel happy again as a woman, without being nervous, with no mood swings, without feeling tired, in the mood for sex.

Eva Κ. (October 2018)

Premature menopause
I was diagnosed with early onset menopause (since I was 33 ) and now after so many failed trials with other doctors, they managed to have my menstrual circle again.

I am thankful to them.

Olga D. (October 2018)

I was diagnosed with a fibroid cyst on my uterus, which was actually pretty big (10 cm). I was also experiencing hormonal changes due to this fibroid cyst, and it was basically altering my mood and feelings. We were nervous about it, and together, Dr. Tigkas, Dr. Koini, and I decided to try a “new knowledge” approach to combat it. They recommended I begin a therapy with bio meds, so I could avoid surgery and begin to feel better. The progress would take some time as my body needed to adjust to these meds, but I was patient and willing to try it.

After a couple of months, I was indeed feeling better, but we noticed an alteration in my blood work regarding a hormone level. We ran some tests and discovered a cyst on my right ovary, which was close to 51 cm big! The doctors became even more concerned, but they acted right away. We upgraded the dosage of the bio meds, and being the patient person I am and feeling confident in their care, I went on my summer vacation! Of course, we were in contact every week, and I was being monitored even though I was away. During the summer, I upgraded and downgraded the meds as needed, and by doing so, I induced my menstrual cycle a little frequently. Everything was well regardless.

Upon returning after my vacation, I went to Dr. Tigkas and Dr. Koini for my post check-ups. Well, I was in for a happy surprise as we discovered the cyst on my right ovary was gone, and my fibroid cyst had actually shrunk to about 6 cm in size! Boy was I elated! I am continuing my bio meds and taking care of myself, and for now, surgery is nowhere in the near future.

Overall, my whole experience at NK Clinic is an amazing one. I never had the love, care, and concern of two professional doctors as these two. Both, Dr. Tigkas and Dr. Koini, embraced me and really took a humane and professional approach to help me combat my medical issues. They taught me and showed me what “new knowledge” to medicine is, and I am the live example that this really works! I completely trust them, and they never made me feel that my only option was surgery. They were with me every step of the way, and I am now stronger and healthier than before. I am definitely in this for the long haul, and I am so much more at ease knowing that these two doctors are in my life taking genuine care of me.

I definitely recommend NK Clinic and the “New Knowledge” approach to medicine, and I am confident you, too, will see the difference.

Thank you

Stavroula S. (October 2018)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I visited Ms Koini for a significant problem I had with morning fatigue. I was impressed by the detailed assessment of my medical history, as well as by her interest in my case and the transmission of her scientific knowledge. But, above all, what impressed me was that through specific exams and the proper reading of my exam results, something that neither internal medicine doctors nor neurologists had done till now, she suggested a treatment regimen with Biomimetic hormones and the appropriate vitamins, and my problem was solved within 6 months. I really thank her for this.
Andriana G. (October 2018)
For many months and years I was suffering from bronchial asthma, using typical treatments prescribed Pulmonologists and General Practitioners. Finally, searching led me to Ms Koini, who solved my problem through the Functional Medicine approach. It was impressive… within a year my asthma attacks were reduced, as well as my allergies. And all this through natural methods.
Eleftherios P. (September 2018)
I scheduled my visit at Ms Koini’s Functional Medicine clinic following a recommendation for erectile dysfunction reasons. After a specific hormonal check-up and detailed investigation of my medical history, the doctor suggested taking vitamins and Biomimetic hormones, and my problem was finally solved soon after.
Giannis S. (September 2018)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I visited Ms Koini due to my chronic fatigue. I was dead on my feet. I was all the time in bed, couldn’t get up. I even reached the levels of depression. No doctor, General Practitioner, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, had helped me. After extensive internet research, I discovered Ms. Koini, through the website of the American Academy of Anti-ageing, and thus I visited her.
The system she followed to finally solve my problem (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), helped me within 6 months to stand on my feet. Within 1 year, I was cheerful, energetic, another person. I am grateful to her. May God bless her.
Panagiotis Μ. (September 2018)
I visited Ms Koini for my sudden problems of hot flashes and mood swings. She diagnosed, after special exams and the detailed investigation of my personal history, Menopause, and with the help of Biomimetic hormones together with the appropriate vitamins, my problems disappeared after a little while. I am happy again.
Νana Τ. (August 2018)
I visited Ms Koini as I had no sexual interest lately. The doctor examined me carefully, she asked my full medical history, and she suggested doing certain exams. Then she proposed treatment with Biomimetic hormones and with the right vitamins and elements she made, I am now in the mood again, so I saved my marriage. I am thankful to her.
Elina Κ. (August 2018)
I am 50 years old and I was a manager in a large company for many years. Too much stress. Three years ago I couldn’t even get out of bed, or even my chair, I couldn’t do anything. I was staying in bed all day, feeling constantly depressed. Doctors could not diagnose anything. Then someone suggested me to visit Ms Koini and I found my good old self. Treatment lasted for long, but gradual improvement was evident from the 4 th month, and especially after 6 months. Special exams were necessary, which were sent to the US, a special system and nutrition, as well as biomimetic hormones and her own formulation of vitamins and other micro-molecules. Her system treated my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as she called it. Now I am fine, but I still follow her advice for a healthier and more successful life.
Marios Ι. (August 2018)
I had a huge problem with cystic acne on my face, which made me suffer for years, and I had visited many Dermatologists, who only suggested treatments with pills and creams, as well as antibiotics and retinoids for 3 sessions. And they didn’t work at all. So she suggested having a hormonal test and then I followed the treatment of the Functional Medicine system. My problem was solved forever. I am really grateful to her, I hope she is always well.

Christos V. (August 2018)

Μigraine - headaches
I was suffering from my migraines for too long. Photophobia, vomiting and extreme headache, which was going away only with robust anti-inflammatory and antidepressants. I had visited many neurologists, and I had seen no result, until I found Koini and her system, which I followed. I had some special urine tests that were sent to the U.S. The results were ready after a while, but treatment was worth it, I was finally well. I thank her, I am deeply grateful to her.

Katerina A. (July 2018)

My son is 7 years old, and since he was 4 years old, I was all the time concerned with his social behavior. After various psychosocial tests, the diagnosis is ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and mild autism. I have searched for many treatments that were suggested to me. I also tried Functional medicine, and I dare to say that it really helped in improving the attention deficit of my little one.

Ioannis A. (July 2018)

Diabetes Mellitus
For a long time now I had a problem with my blood sugar. I used to have and I still have a sweet tooth. When I had the first symptoms, I visited the hospital, where it was the first time that Diabetes Mellitus was diagnosed. Then I visited a diabetologist, who prescribed pharmaceutical treatment with pills. Lately, after years of research, I found Ms. Koini’s system of Functional Medicine, and I just followed it intently; so my health was restored without any pills, just with vitamins, after six months of monitoring and treatment and many exams she asked me to do. I am really grateful to her.

Giouli S. (June 2018)

Many years had passed since the last time I woke up feeling just fine. I was always feeling tired, especially in the morning, and mentally depressed. I was feeling “heavy” in general. When other doctors had performed exams for these, they would always say I was healthy, and that I had to stop feeling anxiety. They suggested me to visit Ms Koini, who examined the levels of all my hormones, and diagnosed subclinical hypothyroidism. She treated me with biomimetic hormones, supplements and vitamins and now I am feeling very well. I get out of bed feeling in the mood for life, I feel fine throughout the day.

Panagiotis A. (June 2018)

What can I say for my Psoriasis that I have since I was young, when I had a car crash. It destroyed me emotionally and socially. My problem was serious, throughout my body, and it could not be treated, although I visited many dermatologists. I searched intensively and fortunately I found Ms. Koini. Then I followed strictly her program and I was finally treated. Of course my urine and saliva tests had to be sent to America, and I also had hormonal tests, she monitored me each month, and through the vitamins and the special diet she gave me, now I am well. My skin cleared and I am very happy.

Anastasios Th. (June 2018)

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus. I had a butterfly on my face. I got stressed, sad, and I visited many doctors, both in Greece and abroad, as well as many alternative medicine practitioners. In the end I visited Ms Koini, who did not promise to solve my problem, but she managed to treat it through the system of Functional Medicine, which I strictly followed. The butterfly disappeared gradually and my laboratory exams were improved. I also stopped receiving those robust drugs I used to. I am very happy with the system of Functional Medicine.

Andreas V. (June 2018)

Since I was a child I was diagnosed with atopic eczema. I was always itching and my skin was dry, leaving scars behind. Fortunately, after many unsuccessful treatments by different dermatologists, I found a different approach in Ms Koini’s medical practice and I got rid of my skin problem for good.

Marietta K. (May 2018)

From the age of 16 until now that I’m 21 years old I had one problem that really bothered me. Acne. Antibiotics, creams without antibiotics, creams with antibiotics, creams with acids, creams without acid, soaps and treatments that lasted for many months. Pills, contraceptives, retinoids and lamp treatments, as well as peelings in the doctor’s office. All improved my condition for a while, but the problem would not go away, it was just coming back. Then I started reading, until I reached to the source of my problem, Ms. Koini’s medical practice, who after specialized exams, careful monitoring, and treatment through the system of functional medicine, finally reached to the permanent elimination of my problem.

Tania Ch. (May 2018)