The Medical Organization of Functional Medicine established in United Kingdom, was formed to combine knowledge from all fields of specialized medicine as well as other related scientific fields such as Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Epigenetics, Biotechnology and Toxicology, with its unique mission to better address Chronic, Autoimmune and Metabolic Diseases , which until now are not adequately addressed by conventional medical knowledge. Patients experience a lifetime of declining health condition regarding their Diseases.


Having as a primary thesis that “health is not just the absence of disease but the state in which a person can function at optimal levels and enjoy life”, Functional Medical Corporation combines a wide range of highly specialized examinations and analyses of human genetic, metabolic and genetic profile. These kinds of analyses can detect at the cell and human genome levels all the real causes of chronic and autoimmune diseases.


Functional Medicine, which is now an official specialized medicine in the United States of America (USA), can then, with the help of algorithms and fractions, develop, on the basis of the indicators it studies, strictly personalized medical protocols and treatments capable of handling with very high rates of success diseases, which are considered unfeasible. Accumulation and statistical analysis of the course of diseases on the other hand, coupled with the findings of the tests, open new paths and fields of research to extract scientifically safer conclusions, as well as the production of exclusively plant-derived treatments, supplements and new formulas , with the ultimate goal of better managing the patients.